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5 shades of Blue Grey

Heather Smithson blue grey paint country home countryliving grey decor

Life isn’t Black & White there are so many GREY areas in countryliving home interiors.

Five of our favourite grey blue paint colour trends of 2016, from some of our favourite interior designers.

Field & Pheasant loves this year’s colour trends, which has inspired our range of throws and blankets. The best colours in the world are the ones that look great in any room of your countryliving home and can compliment the pieces you have chosen for your countryliving space.

Blue symbolises, trust, honesty and loyalty, whilst Grey has no agenda, it has the ability that no other colour has, to make the invisable, visable. This year trend of blue grey décor, is a must to add character, charm, rich and robust feel to their countryliving home.

See what the professionals have to say, on their favourite blue grey shades and how you can add elegance, bold, calm, classic, glamour or drama to your countryliving space, with just a splash of these extraordinary blue grey paint colours or with an accent accessory in these exquisite shades.

Milky Blue is on trend for your country home this year, according to Susanna Salk  who is a design expert, stylist, stager as well as the  author of 'Privileged Life: Celebrating Wasp Style', 'Be Your Own Decorator' and 'Room for Children'

“We've had several years of strong, glossy colours that perhaps (2016) well start to consider the milkier shades so often found on the wonderfully faded walls of European Homes “

Blue Grey Paint - Milky Grey  Blue Grey Paint Colour Trend 2016


Blue grey Paint - 1448059653-parma-gray

Blue Grey Paint Colour Trend 2016

Marcy Materson, Interior Designer based in New York. - “ I love the fact that they call this color grey. It is really quite an extraordinary shade of blue, with a great deal of lavender in it. You could use it anywhere, with black or white accents to set it off. Its such a serne, sophisticated color, And what could be better…serenity, calm and confidence!”

Blue grey paint - 1448059909-portolablueheron 

Blue Grey Paint Colour Trend 2016

Jeffry Alan Marks epitomizes fresh, spirited, timeless design. A trendsetter for over two decades, he is known internationally for designing and sourcing exclusive and unique elements from around the globe. “It’s a French Blue playing off the gray tones, but a little brighter and happier. It would look great with canary yellow or orange – it calms them down. I’m attracted to them because they are strong and bold, and that’s where I see interiors going.”

Blue grey paint - 1448059766-rainstorm

Blue Grey Paint Colour Trend 2016

“I like this deep slate blue. I think people are going for rich, robust colours now, and this would be wonderfully unexpected in an entry, library or powder room. I’d pair it with brass or gold accents and animal patterns like leopard or zebra. Do it in high gloss and it will feel both glamorous and contemporary. Grass cloth or tea paper on the ceiling would add to the drama.” Ron Woodson Ron attended the UCLA school of Interior Design and was recently named one of the Top 20 Black Designers in America. Ron draws inspiration from his travels, with more than 30 countries to date. 

Blue grey paint - 1448060134-filolidarkiris

Blue Grey Paint Colour Trend 2016

Versions of Navy feel right to me now, and this had a touch of purple, which makes it more feminine…Navy works as a neutral, and it can settle brighter colors like Kelly green, hot pink or raspberry. For people who have trouble using black, it does the same thing but in a softer way.” Christine Markatos her studio is known for creating sophisticated spaces that are enlivened with a fresh mixture of pattern, color and texture while meeting the needs and lifestyles of those who live there.

Life isn’t Black & White it’s a million shades of grey areas!

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