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How to select country cushions to create a charming and stylish country home

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How to select country cushions to create a charming and stylish country home

At Field & Pheasant we love the comfort and charm country cushions bring to a fine country home. Following a successful day on the fell, a day dog training, or a hack out, imagine walking into your cosy but elegant home, to snuggle up in front of the roaring fire, with a glass of fizz and your favourite cushions…Priceless.

Choosing suitable country home accessories is as important as choosing a new piece of artwork and can be an inexpensive way to reform a room, adding a welcoming and warm country charm.

Country Cushions can be used in a manner of fashions, allowing you to add unique accompaniment to any room in your home. When selecting your country home accessories, ensure you choose pieces that reflect your personality and style. We have a few helpful tips to consider when making your selection.

Consider Colour

Considering a colour palette for your country home is perhaps one of the most important steps. Your space may be filled with a variety of colours, patterns and shapes. A good start is to identify a colour that is already featured in your room, giving thought to the furniture, artwork, textiles, accessories and the colour of your walls, then selecting a complement of colours that work together allowing the style of your room come together, rather than work against them.

We recommend you have a vision of 3 or 4 colours which sit on the same end of the colour spectrum. Avoid choosing vibrant contrasting colours that will dominate the room, as you are then in danger of an imbalance in your room. There are many useful colour charts you can refer to online; we find creating a mood board of your favourite colours, accessories and cushions gives you the opportunity to get the feel for how colours will work together.

Country Home Accessories - Colour Palette

Consider Size

Cushions come in an assortment of sizes; although the standard squares (approximately 45cm x 45cm) is the cushion size most frequently selected. This standard size is perfect to nestle onto an armchair, on your bed or to create an arrangement on your sofa, adding a charming and comfortable appearance to any country home.

Oversized cushions typically create a more casual loungey feel, we love these oversized cushions as an accompaniment to your standard size county cushions, but we especially love these as a feature in a children’s room or in outdoor spaces.

A small rectangular, round and other shaped cushion creates interest in your room. Take the opportunity to add some depth with your selection, mix it up with a range of different sizes. Keeping to your colour scheme will allow you to explore with a range of dimensions.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the largest cushions most neutral in your colour selection, medium mid tones and the smallest those of the brightest of tones, which adds accent.

Country Home Accessories - Cushion Sizes

Consider Texture

There's nothing quite as inviting as soft, warm textures to sink into and snuggle up in. Texture can create a great contrast when selecting your country home accessories. It is just as import to consider your furniture textile to showcase your selected cushions. A distinguished textures such as a plaid cushion, really emphasis other fabrics such as leather. We love the plaid pheasant cushion featured on our leather armchair.

There are a multitude of fabrics available and can add equally as much character to your room as selecting the colour and size of your cushion. If your canvas is soft cotton, you can play with fluffy soft textures such as a chunky woollen knit, mohair, or cashmere to achieve the ultimate luxurious feel.

Country Home Accessories - Cushion Texture

Consider a Complement

Cushions and Throws are like apples and pears, the combination of a throw and cushions provides an inviting and homely atmosphere, which makes you want to put your feet up and put your favorite movie on.

When selecting throws as a complement to your supplementary country home accessories, it is important to work within the colour palette you have selected for your space, although you can make some allowances, particularly if you select an alternative fabric or design. The Herringbone throw is a favourite of ours, or a snuggly alpaca wool fabric, bringing together a contrasting texture to that of your cushions gives a considered appearance and a classic countryliving appeal.

Country Home Accessories - Cushions and Throws

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