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Ten tips how to create the perfect cosy country home using throws & blankets.

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I know it’s still officially the summer, but the gaming season has arrived and I am feeling winter creeping in! To me this time of year stimulates the sense of the great outdoors and nature at its best. Walking for miles over the most unspoilt beautiful countryside, taking in the most breath taking views and appreciating the animals at work, complete by coming home to a warm, inviting home, to curl up on the sofa, pull my favourite throw over me and enjoying the tails of the day, complimented with a bottle of my favourite tipple.

Blending our home comforts with style, can be created simply by weaving some throws and blankets into your home. They add a homely, snuggly warm feeling and are an easy way to add texture, colour and design trends to your country home interiors. Not to mention, you can take these warm blankets from room to room (preferably wrapped around you).

Ten of our favourite ways to add throws to your home and you will never want to leave!

1) Sofa Throws

Adding a throw to the back of a sofa, or over the arm, is an instant way to achieve a comfortable country touch to your room. They are more than simply functional; they are style makers that add pattern, colour and warmth to any room.

 Throws & Blankets - Field & Pheasant

2) Armchair Throws

Adding a throw to the back of your armchair or over the arm, screams sophistication and style, we love our featured armchair which is accented beautiful with our dotty alpaca throw.

Throws & Blankets - Field & Pheasant

3) Bed Throws

Placing a throw on your bed generates a cosy and appealing ambiance. The use of more natural tones enhances the feeling of relaxation. Alternatively, in a pure bedroom, use throws and blankets to create a focus, blending schemes with cushions and pillows to add extra depth, colour and style.

Throws & Blankets - Relaxed Home

 4) Mix & Match Throws 

Don’t be frightened to bring together a range of shades, textures and sizes to give your room an impressive appeal of country home. Oversized throws in bold colour will inject a dramatic feel and an arty look, whereas traditional patterns and textures add a timeless magic. I love the way the rustic coloured throw, coupled with a tartan wool, mixed in with some faux fur really brings warmth to the chic combination.

Throws & Blankets - Mix & Match

5) Throws & Cushions

The feeling when you walk into a home which is consumed with a thoughtfully selected combination of throws and cushions, is just melting! I can’t get enough of cushions and throws, they are a great enhancement to any room, mixing up cushion sizes, characters, textures and cushions, complimented with a selection of luxury country throws…The perfect recipe for a country home.

 Throws & Cushions

6) Throw out some colour

The use of natural throws allows other country home décor in your room to blend beautifully, bringing together all the colour pallets and textures in your room, whilst creating a comfortable but classy appeal. Adding a degree of colour into your room adds style, interest and warmth. Ensure to consider your base colours and use your throws to enhance the feeling you wish to achieve. I love these autumn colours; they add so much warmth to the room, whilst remaining considered and refined.

Throws & Blankets - Colour Palette

7) True Country Home Décor

When you just can’t get enough of throws! Adding wicker baskets next to a fire place filled with throws is a great way to construct a homely and cosy feel. The disparity between the elements of the wicker and the wool work wonders. I love my apple crates filled with throws and cushions.

Throws & Blankets - Country Home Décor

8) Party Throws

As the sun sets, the wood burner is roaring, the wine is flowing; the night is growing, there is nothing cosier than wrapping a blanket or throw around you to keep off the cold night chill. Plus we think it looks pretty darn cool, a basket full of throws for you and your guests, shouts out a welcoming and comfortable ambience, just right for the party to keep on until the owls twit twoo …..

Throws & Blankets - Please Snuggle

9) Picnic Throws & Blankets

No picnic is complete without a picnic blanket. There is nothing more British than packing up a picnic and heading off to the park, beach or the field, with the scotch eggs and pork pies in tow.

Throws & Blankets - Field & Pheasant  

10) Me time throw !

Finally, grab yourself some you time. The winter nights are growing closer and there is nothing quite as comforting and relaxing as slipping into your comfy pyjamas and snuggling up in front of the fire with a cosy throw or blanket, whilst you lose yourself in your favourite book or maybe a bottle and a movie!

 Me Time Throws!


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