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Luxury Country Cushions

We believe your country home should be as cosy as it is stylish. Adding country cushions is the perfect way to personalise your home. There is a point in your county home, where comfort crosses over with creativity. These luxury country cushion designs will give any piece of furniture an injection of personality.

Inspired by the great outdoors, we have brought to life our farmyard friends, woodland wildlife and a touch of nature. Every country cushion in our range has been handpicked, with a range of styles, textures and colours to allow you to express the creative you, with this luxurious and simply range of beautiful pieces of art.

Choosing country cushions is like choosing a new piece of artwork to display on your wall, the perfect country cushion can instantly add to the levels of comfort, sense of style and personality throughout your country home. As well as being comfy and looking great, our range of cushions will certainly embolden your country décor with personalised charm. Add a touch of tradition with our limited edition, luxury stag head cushion and pheasant cushion, backed with a gorgeous high quality plaid check, creating a traditional rustic theme in your country home.

Invite the farmyard into your home with our handmade, Highland Cow Cushion. He is a handsome chap, with his distinctive floppy fringe and curvy horns; he is the most adorable character to add to your country home charm. Invite our stylish, Mr Pig cushion into your home, to create some style, personality or to simply share our love for pigs (in the farmyard term!).

For huggable cushions, the sort of velvety material that makes you go "oooh" when you touch it. Our range of super soft faux suede is a must. Choose from our Badger cushion, he is such a character or cuddle up to the cow… (farmyard cow) cushion ! Browse our gorgeous selection of cushions to find the perfect complement to your country home décor.