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Luxury Grey Heritage Herringbone Throw - Country Living Home Accessories,  Throws - Home Accessories, Field & Pheasant  Field & Pheasant

Luxury Grey Heritage Herringbone Throw


Country Home - Luxury Grey Heritage Herringbone Throw

To add a sense of heritage to your country home, this Herringbone Throw features the distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern. Light and cosy, with its mix of mohair and merino wool makes it soft and subtle, giving the classic Herringbone Throw that gorgeous country home feel.

It’s one of the easiest ways to introduce pattern into your country home, because the Herringbone Throw is so subtle and monotone, you don’t really have to worry about it clashing with other patterns.

Our narrow Herringbone Grey Throw is a soft and comfortable hug in the shape of a blanket. With a generous size of 130 x 190 cm | 51” x 75", this Grey throw has a lot of love to give. 

Grey Herringbone Throw Composites - 30% Mohair 70% Merino

Grey Herringbone Throw Approx. size - (W x L): 130 x 190 cm | 51” x 75" (excluding fringe length)


30% mohair 70% merino

Main colour







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