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Where it all began...our story


The journey is inspired greatly with a love for countryliving, the love of wide open spaces and the fantastic wildlife that comes with it. Working from my home in County Durham, I am a mother of two small boys, eight dogs, and a wife to a man who is passionate about spaniels and trailing dogs.

The British countryside has, and always will be, a large part of our lives and culture. Like many of you, we love and appreciate our beautiful, picturesque landscape and love bringing this British Heritage into our Country Home.

As a family we love going on long walks or rides , we love seeing all the beautiful countryside and the beautiful wildlife, farm animals, birds and the insects that live there. When we walk and the sun is shining down on our faces, and the wind gently blowing in our hair, my children running free with the dogs or the children building tipis in the back field, safe and carefree, I feel like the luckiest person alive.

In the spring, all the pretty flowers are blooming and the cute lambs playing in the field, to wake up on a morning and see the wild deer from our window or the cock bird sunning himself on the grass. It is so wonderful that my family is lucky enough to be able to step out of our home and appreciate these surroundings.

An influence from my childhood was a trip to my relatives’ home in Stranraer ,Scotland. My Uncle was a gamekeeper and invited me and my family on a shoot. I remember the amazing work of the Spaniels and Labradors and having to carry the game for the clients ( which was a little unnerving). It was New Year and the snow was heavy on the ground, which just added to the experience of the shoot that day. The feeling of coming home after a day of beating, not being able to feel my toes or fingers and my body ached from the miles we had walked, walking in to a warm cosy home, a roaring fire and then to appreciate the game that had been shot that day in a banquet prepared by my Auntie. Priceless…

I became inspired by interior when I bought my first home and the sense of accomplishment when I came across unusual pieces that could express my style. My love for country home décor was  challenged when I met my husband. I moved into his home, what is now our family home, and what can I say? A bachelor pad!!! His interpretation of home décor was a picture of a motorbike and of course, his dogs. My attempt to add ‘a women’s touch’, came uninvited, however I soon learnt that if anything featured a hare, pheasant, dog, stag…. then the home décor became accepted. I then started to explore country home décor that was not featured in high street stores. This became a bit of a challenge, however through sourcing talented artists and appreciating the work of others all over the country, this heightened my appreciation for a fine country home.

It’s amazing what a character like Mr Pig or the Highland Cow Cushion accompanied with a quality throw can transform any two bit sofa, or how using reclaimed woods, adds that rustic feel to your home. I pride myself on searching for pieces that have inspired me and pieces that I would have in my home, as well as something a little bit different.

That is exactly why I love doing what I do, forging relationships on chance meetings and bringing beautiful things back for others to enjoy.and it will be their vision and love of interior design which will ultimately shape the future of Field & Pheasant, it’s all very exciting.

I like to think that our customers care about their surroundings as much as they care about their clothes and how they look. It’s a lifestyle, a contemporary mix of old and new, things brought home from places they love, memories of experiences, characters they come across and a reflection of personality, put together in an interesting way so that it works and provides a cosy and inspiring background for their country home.

I would like our style to be traditional, individual and hopefully life-enhancing, we hope you enjoy our store !