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Country Kitchen Pheasant Apron


Our favourite pheasant...Reg ! Can make your days in the kitchen feeling pleasantly pheasant and is now featured on our new collection of country kitchenware pheasant range.

This handsome chap, is perked up ready for whatever the day brings, he should help cover and protect your tweeds safe from the spills and splashes of the home.

This country kitchen pheasant apron swooshes with a glorious repeating cock pheasant design, as bright as the game bird himself, the bursts of colour look fabulous against that neutral fabric. This Pheasant Apron really lends itself to any kitchen wishing to create that charmingly country living feel.

Take a peak at the matching tea towels, oven gloves and stove gauntlet.This collection would be the perfect shooting gift, country gift or farmers’ gift.

Made in Great Britain…making Britain Great.

Pheasant Apron Specification

Crafted from natural panama cotton

Length – 87cm

Width – 61cm

Fastening Tapes – 86cm each

Pheasant Apron Product Care

Made from natural panama cotton, with all cotton products, the pattern will fade over time, however like a well cared for pair of Dubarrys or a good pair of leather walking boots, we feel your tea towel will age well.

Just because your apron is there to protect your clothes from any spills, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look fabulous at all times. To keep your apron in fine form, we advise you machine wash at 40 degrees.

Reshape while still wet and line dry. If you want your apron looking immaculate, iron while still slightly damp.

To avoid premature aging, please DO NOT tumble dry Reg…he likes to keep his youthful looks!





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