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Country Home Pig Cushion...Handmade

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Country Home Pig Cushion

Make room in your home for this fabulous handmade Country Style Cushion. Mr Pig is one of my favourite farmyard animals, with his cute snout and distinctive floppy ears; he is the most adorable character to add to your country home charm. 

Mr Pig, Modern Country Style Cushion is featured onto super soft faux suede - the sort of velvety material that makes you go "oooh" when you touch it. The reverse of Mr Pig, Modern Country Style Cushion is neutral stone colour vegan suede. 

The “Henries” award nominee artist who is a charcoal enthusiast, has brought together a style and luxury to add a touch of modern country art to decorative country living. 

The Pig, Modern Country Style Cushion includes an inner pad for superior and long lasting comfort. At 45cm x 45cm, these decorative country living cushions provide a bit of extra comfort, they’re also a great way of adding character, texture and style to your country home, countryliving interior.

Pig Modern Country Style Cushion Composition – Vegan Suede

Zip Fastening

Machine washable at 30°c. Colours may vary slightly though we try our very best to match.


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